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Default Re: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Call of Prypiat

Originally Posted by g-a-m-e View Post
Omg. I Am Legend : The Game ...

That would be freaking MEGA AWESOME !

Just you , some survivors here and there to do business with and help with quests.., and an otherwise empty New York. (or LA ? i forget) . You could go into abandoned apartments to search for stuff like food, weapons, and crap .

You could pimp the security of your house, build traps to catch the dark seekers because eventually you will need to find a cure . This would be the main quest.

"I am legend" the game. With a gameplay that is a mix between Fallout 3, and STALKER.

It would be grand .
Great idea, i would love to play such a game. If i had an unlimited pile of cash i would hire the Far Cry 2 people to do it with the Dunia engine.

I donīt know why because itīs totally unrelated, but i just got reminded how much i want Techlands Dead Island.
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