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Default Re: Sony DADC (SecuROM) Joins PC Gaming Alliance

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
pirates are funny bunch, first spread fud about protection that was most effective (starforce) until it pretty much it died out only active in eastern europe.
Ultimately these forms of copy protection aren't going to work though. I don't think any have truly worked, to the best of my knowledge there haven't been any games that haven't seen a "zero day" release on usenet groups (though I haven't kept up with this in about 6 years, I don't imagine much has changed, as various groups have been promising foolproof copy protection systems since the early 80's and all of them have been quickly broken.)

The best you can do is prevent the game from being leaked on the internet prior to its actual street date, and preventing certain "services" from being available to the pirated copies (e.g. multiplayer.)

These copy protection systems end up being an extra unnecessary cost to the publisher and potentially an inconvenience to the end user.

My only beef with these is that they install programs and drivers that ALWAYS remain memory resident even when the game isn't running. Anybody who is like me doesn't like this kind of thing, because these types of programs tend to add up, and eventually that leads to you having a slower computer.
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