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Default Re: Sony DADC (SecuROM) Joins PC Gaming Alliance

Originally Posted by Buio View Post

You are right about daemon tools and the STD driver. Would never install it on my PC, it's a hack. There are better tools for image mounting (for legal purposes that is).
SPTD issues are harder to spot with DVD drive, but with BD drive it is very obvious, it turned my 6xBD drive to 3.3xBD drive.

cause quite a packing for me, even reinstalled windows at that point (made a backup before). And then while on fresh install i started getting windows back to the way i normally use it and constantly testing it at every change i would make.

And then I found it, right after installing SPTD, optical drives started getting screwed up.

Restored back-up, uninstalled Daemon Tools and SPTD and everything was back normal.
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