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Default Re: Sony DADC (SecuROM) Joins PC Gaming Alliance

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK View Post
I haven't been involved in the scene for quite some time, but last I recall most release groups were very anti peer to peer. They tend to like to get credit for their releases from their "peers" so to speak, but peer to peer networks take away that personal side of piracy that they take pride in, so they don't like it.
I just wrote torrents there as that is the usual methods... it wasn't the lack of a torrent release they were complaining about, it was the lack of any real working releases anywhere.

Matter of fact I just saw someone complain the other day that you have to wade through 100 non-working Mass Effect downloads to find the one that actually works.

In short: anti-piracy measures work a lot better than a lot of people given them credit for. They in no way stop piracy, but they can delay it significantly or make it especially annoying to do.
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