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Originally Posted by mattty View Post
I am trying to build a projector wall with four Nvidia gpus at the moment and I am wondering if it is possible to use metamodes or some other technique to "trim" the video sent to the projectors. More specifically, the projectors might overlap each other in the final configuration and I am looking to be able to trim away the overlap in my X config.
That sounds odd. If you want to overlap the projectors, and you've set the offsets so that the material duplicates on the projected images, you want to 'blank' your projected image. Pro projectors have this feature, although you'd be better off with an edge blend. Have you tried physically masking the area you want to remove?

When I heard 'trim' in this context, to me it means removing pixels from the edge but the others filling the gap. You want an output with big black areas (or you thought you might want that)? You could try making a modeline with bigger front and back porches and less video. If you match things - remove one active pixel/line for each added porch pixel/line the projectors might thing it's still the full signal. But what you need really sounds like a step based taken after the GPU outputs.

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