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Default Green display on GeForce2 MX 200 with 96.43.11 driver

Hi all,

A search of the Linux and Legacy forums didn't turn up any likely-looking matches, so here goes:

According to it appears my GeForce2 MX 200 should be supported under the 96.43.11 driver; however, this gives me a green monochrome screen. If I run under the 71.86.09 driver it looks fine.

The reason this is more of an issue now than in the past is that the 71.86.09 driver doesn't appear to support the new X.Org 1.5+ servers, while per the 96.43.11 driver does, so I'm unable to upgrade to the latest X11 software.

I'm not sure what other features / performance I'm missing by not being able to run my card under the 96.43.XX legacy drivers, but if anyone has a suggestion for how to get past the 'green screen of incompatibility' I'd appreciate hearing about it!

I'll collect more data and post it as a followup when I get a chance, assuming this isn't a known (by someone somewhere) issue.


Charles Green
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