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Default Re: Sony DADC (SecuROM) Joins PC Gaming Alliance

Originally Posted by Badboy_12345 View Post
Yeah damn fud about starforce!
*wakes up from the dreamworld*

Starforce was the worst copy protection ever invented.
Even the developers of starforce later said to the game developers to release patches that removes it from the games!

I guess you are the one that thinks Sony XCP protection was good and nothing wrong with.. it was just the pirates that complained

When Blizzard or Epic removes cd/dvd checks from their games, oh my that means cd/dvd checks are evil?

My point was that that it really wasn't starforce that caused most of them problems, but people trying to go around it. Starforce did cause problems when you mess around against it with bunch of anti-starforce tools/utilities. When bunch of kiddos try to bypass it, it does cause problems.
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