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Unfortunately, my projectors are cheap and don't have many controls really.

It sounds like you described what I am trying for in your second paragraph: I'd like to project blackness on one portion of the screen that may overlap the area from an adjacent projector.

It sounds like you think this can be done with custom modelines?

I know ideally this would happen AFTER the gpu sent video over a cable, but I don't have any equipment for that. I *have* found it, but it is pricey.

Experimentally, it looks like my projectors aren't too bad when they throw black pixels (i.e. black pixels from one over the top of normal pixels from a neighbor don't interfere with the image too much), and logically it would work out if I could tell X or Nvidia to not paint those particular desktop pixels on that particular gpu. Whether it can be configured that way remains to be seen..
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