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Default Re: Time to Give Gothic III another chance? LONGEST CHANGE LOG EVER!

Originally Posted by saguy View Post
I tried the new game settings and there is an improvement and even though the combat is still simplistic it is acceptable. If it were not for the freezing I would still be playing as I love the Gothic 3 world design. The freezing was really annoying as whenever I turned quickly it would sort of freeze and then I would be facing the wrong way. This is not great when you got a whole bunch of orcs bearing down on you.

I may have been a bit harsh but this was one of my most anticipated games as I loved the other two. It is really frustrating not to be playing.
when i first patched gothic 3 it did that to me i was using the 174 drivers on a 9800 gtx i switched to the newest whql drivers and the freezing went away.
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