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Default Re: 700w PSU handle SLi GTX260 cards?

While the human eye can only perceive a set number of frames per second (varies from person to person), they can still see the difference between framerates higher than their individual limit. Why is this?

Think of your eyes as a camera, taking a picture 30 times per second. Now, let's take these snapshots during a video that is running at 30fps, and one that is running at 90 fps. With the 2nd video, you're not going to see the exact same 30 frames, since it's running at a different speed. As a result, the motion will seem more fluid, because you're seeing a "better" set of 30 frames.

This is why people have the ability to see a difference between a higher and lower framerate, even if the higher framerate is more than that individual's senses allow for. Unless a video is perfectly in sync with the way that individual's eyes and brain process images, a higher framerate will always appear more fluid than a lower one.
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