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Originally Posted by mattty View Post
What do you mean? I would think you are already observing the performance drop now; do you notice a performance drop?
Right now, i'm running a 5040x2100 setup from a single GTX 260 (six displays).
It would be interesting to do benchmarks vs. a three GTX 260 setup in
Xinerama mode (also six displays - two per GPU), but i don't have the necessary
equipment. However, i once had three LCDs connected to two 8800GTs
running in twinview+Xinerama mode (4800x1200): while i could observe
some GPU scaling under certain circumstances (i.e. with glxgears), most
of my typical 3D applications (UT2004, X-Plane) have been about 25-30%
slower than later on when forming a triple-head setup using the same LCDs,
a TH2G and a single card. In other words: throwing out one 8800GT and
splitting one video output of the remaining card for two LCDs (the third LCD
connected straight to the second output) brought 25-30% performance increase.
However, the situation may be different for six displays.

What i actually meant: right now, when i.e. playing UT2004, the scenario
needs to be only rendered once at 5040x2100. With a compiz-based
bezel management system, the scenario would need to be rendered
six time at 1680x1050. Ideally that shouldn't make any difference, but
i can imagine there is some overhead involved. Would be interesting
to do some benchmarks.


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