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Default Re: Should there be an option to disable Powermizer?

Originally Posted by mooninite View Post
An OEM has explicitly requested Powermizer *not* be configurable.
It is configurable in windows, so this is very unlikely.

Originally Posted by mooninite View Post
Powermizer is controlled by the small microcode that is loaded upon driver initilization and cannot be altered unless an X restart is performed. This would explain as to why it is an xorg.conf setting and not a nvidia-settings setting.
There is no such xorg.conf setting, at least not one that works consistently. And even that is a hack using windows registry tweaks. If there was an xorg.conf setting that worked consistently then I don't think there would be anywhere near as many complaints.

And neither of those explains why Nvidia has told us nothing. Even if what you are saying is right, a simple "we aren't going to fix this" would make a big difference. But we haven't even been given that much. They have told us nothing.
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