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Default Re: Is NVIDIA ever going to fix the xinerama + composite problems?

Sad day.

I worry about screen maximization, etc. with a splitter.

Also, I just looked through their products and it doesn't look like it will work. (Hate to complain about this, but...) I have a 30" monitor at 2560 width. Won't be able to fit the other two on the sides with a max horizontal resolution of 3840.

I'm not in a huge rush; I could wait a few months and I figure it would be more helpful to get the problem solved. I just need to find someone who knows the code and is interested in making a few hundred, I think..

And I'm using three monitors (from left to right):
22" rotated vertically: 1050x1680
30": 2560x1600
22" rotated vertically: 1050x1680
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