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Originally Posted by Zhivago View Post
You appear to be confused. Visual C++ can either refer to a C++ implementation (Microsoft's) or an IDE. Maybe what you meant to say is that you have used some C++ implementation such as GCC, and would like to try one of Microsoft's instead.
Yea I am confused. I've used C++ in Visual Studio, and it isn't fun at all because of the lack of libraries. I thought he meant another implementation of it that is easier to use.

Originally Posted by hemmy View Post
I develop daily in C++ (Borland C++ Builder) why the hate
The thing with C++ is that it doesn't come with a lot of libraries. You probably have figured out all of the code you need to do things like check if a variable is a number, round it, convert variable types etc. When using VB .NET all of those functions are already there. You can use functions that are already in C to accomplish the task but that is kind of defeating the purpose (At least for a C++ class). To me it just felt like C++ was missing a lot of important functions. I spent more time in my C++ class just trying to figure out one way to accomplish a task, where using VB .Net I could focus on what I wanted to make the program do.
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