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Default Re: EVGA GeForce GTX 260 C216 Superclocked or Vanilla GTX 275?

oh, ok. Well, that's probably sensible then. It looks like their system as a general matter consumes quite a bit more than mine. When I built mine up, efficiency was high priority, next to cooling and noise. I've got good caseflow, but I am concerned about the 275 getting super hot in an un-airconditioned environment this summer. There isn't any information in any review I've seen regarding cooling performance when the fan is turned up to help me figure out what to do, unfortunately :/

I suppose the other issues are: (1) will it be faster or slower than my current card, and (2) will it make this darn squealing sound >.<

Also, it's hard to get over the 396W they clock in with the 275 versus the 385W they get for the 285 ( It really makes me wish I'd jumped on that BFG GTX 285 deal a couple weeks ago.
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