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Default E5300 won't post with high fsb / low multiplier

I'm messing around ocing an E5300 with an Asus P5QL pro board. Memory is OCZ 800mhz.

Default clock speed is 2.6ghz (200fsb x 13). Multiplier is unlocked from 6 to 13.

So I tried 230fsb x 13 to give me 3ghz. Everything worked fine.

Since the multiplier is unlocked, I thought it better to do 266fsb x 11 still giving me 3ghz.
Its running at this now and everything is great.

What I don't understand is the motherboard says it can do 1333 and 1600fsb speeds. But it won't post at all at:

333fsb x 9 = 3ghz
400fsb x 7.5 = 3ghz

The memory was adjusted each time to keep it at 800mhz. I don't understand why it won't post at 1600fsb when this is what the mobo is rated for, the memory is running at exactly 800mhz and the chip running at 3ghz which I know it can do. So it must be something to do with the chip not liking the high fsb. Any ideas?
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