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Originally posted by marqmajere

This darn thing!! I can't believe this!

*cries like a baby* Why, God, why didn't I get one of these instead?! It worked right out of the box and I haven't had an issue with it yet. And yes, LordVampyre, it is video heaven. Makes my 8500 seem like my old Voodoo3.
I did have one issue with GTA3 and the text in the title menu, but that turned out to be a DirectX problem. A simple patch fixed it. Now GTA3 playes smooth. 40fps average 1024x768@32. Very happy customer. Forget ATI. They do have good products, but Nvidia is headache free.


ahhh why the cryin like a baby? OHHHHHHHH okay I get it now.. My gforce4 should be here oh wed/thurs friday the latest I guess
Hey does newegg send things out on the weekend??
probably not.. but with the volume they do perhaps they do.
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