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Default Re: Sony DADC (SecuROM) Joins PC Gaming Alliance

Originally Posted by Misfire View Post
Regarding the SPTD issue with crippling your speed, would MagicISO (Magic-Disc Addon) have the same effect? It doesn't use SPTD, whcih is why im using it with Win7 right now.

PowerISO also doesn't use SPTD but it runs slow as hell for me on Win7.
magic iso, doesn't cause any issues, I use it right, also the tool from slysoft works fine.

Originally Posted by glObalist View Post
So, how hard exactly are they to spot with DVD drives? I don't mean to jump on the SF=TEHEVIL badwagon (in fact quite the opposite, I think it was the best protection ever) but assuming that since SPDT crippled YOUR BD drive it also causes DVD drives to malfunction, and thus finding a quick scapegoat for the SF fiasco is kind of bold.
with BD, it cut down my drive speed from 6x to 3.3x, burns still somehow finished around 6x with verbatim disc, but end of disc often wasn't redable. reading was limited to 3.3x. At that time I mostly burned 2x and 4x Panasonic disc, so didn't strike me as a huge issue.
also it is easy to spot with burst speed, without SPTD it is about 54-63mbps, with SPTD it gets cut down to about 14mbps.

here is a link to the issue

edit btw, here is more about the dvd issue

like i said before, it wouldn't suprise me if SPTD was responsible for killing drives, and pirated basically blamed it on starforce.
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