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Default 180.50 completely unusable (x86_64), on 7600GT

Hi nvidia guys,

firstly thanks for this release, unfortunately

is COMPLETELY unusable:

when starting blackbox I only get the colored background, and with fluxbox only the background get displayed, too

gnome starts up (I can see from the log and at least tomboy) but only vertical coloured lines of different width appear

the X-server can't be killed anymore with CTRL+ALT+Backspace (I have to check if that's the same with 180.29) general protection errors still seem to occur
gnome-settings(daemon) doesn't represent the problem accurately (if it still happens) since I couldn't re-compile that apps / package to gcc 4.4. / non-hardened yet
since I can't control or see anything (black screen / only background-coloured screen or screen with vertical lines I'm not 100% sure

and the "BEST": I now get the Xid messages too

some distribution specs:

Gentoo GNU/Linux ~amd64 (testing / unstable),
gcc version 4.4.0-pre9999 built 20090414 (prerelease) rev. 146039 (Gentoo SVN)
kernel 2.6.29-zen3

both zen-sources, kernel-config and gcc 4.4 shouldn't be the culprit since other users get problems with >180.29 to 180.44, too

besides that I "fixed" former gtk-based applications segfaulting (it was seemingly a problem with hardened toolchain -> now I'm on non-hardened toolchain)

attached you'll find the obligatory bug-report

many thanks in advance for your cooperation
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3.19.2-plus+ w. zram, ZFS, Btrfs; checksums>others

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