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Default 2000 to spend on a cinema setup

Okay, before I start off, I know 2000 isnt that much, but im young, and I am paying half, and cant really afford much more.

Just wondering whats the best I can get for this cash?

I have a HTPC already built if needs be, so if a pc is part of the equasion, consider it bought. (has Blu-ray).

So what would you say my best bang for buck is? Im sick and tired of my crappy Z-5500 which has crap bass and have FAR to much treble (i actually think its giving me tinnitus )


P.s just any thoughts at all are cool. I am open to projector and Tv suggestions (bear in mind I need some speakers as well).

I can possibly go over my budget a bit but it would have to be worth it
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