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Default Re: Twinview on Gigabyte GV-NX84S512HP ?

I already tried nvidia-xconfig. Without my xorg.conf to use as a model, it won't even insert any twinview options. When it has my xorg.conf to go by then it copies over my twinview settings but doesn't add anything useful. In fact it seems to insist on inserting "InputDevice" sections and InputDevice options that I have to delete because I'm using Gentoo's xorg-server-1.5.3 which uses evdev (and HAL) to deal with input devices. The lines that nvidia-xconfig adds cause X to not start.

I will put the card back in and try your other two suggestions. When I start X with a Twinview xorg.conf, the X-server and driver think we are in Twinview mode. If I hit ctrl-alt-plus or ctrl-alt-minus the Xorg.log file says that it is switching metamodes but since it thinks only one monitor is attached, I end up with the same display I started with. The Xorg.log file says it can't find the VGA monitor.

I will try your other suggestions but the problem is that the card acts like the VGA monitor is disconnected when it uses the DVI monitor. In fact, I originally thought it was a bad VGA cable/connection and I was a little surprised when the VGA monitor sprung to life after I rebooted with the DVI disconnected.

But since the X-Server can't see the VGA monitor when the DVI monitor is attached, I don't see how the results of the two experiments could possible differ from what I would get with the VGA monitor actually unattached.
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