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Default Re: Twinview on Gigabyte GV-NX84S512HP ?

The nvidia-settings program acted like it couldn't see the VGA monitor. When I tried to enable the VGA monitor, nothing happened. When it listed available metamodes, all of them had the CRT device set to NULL.

I've attached Xorg.0.log after running "Xorg --logverbose 6".

The X server acts exactly as if the VGA device is not connected. But I'm sure it's connected because if I turn the computer off, then unplug the DVI cable without touching the VGA cable and reboot, the VGA monitor works fine. This can also be seen when I boot with just the VGA cable connected and then plug in the DVI cable and then start X. The VGA monitor goes blank before the DVI monitor lights up.

I'll leave the graphics card in the computer tonight because I'm just to tired to take the computer apart yet again.
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