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Talking Re: EVGA GeForce GTX 260 C216 Superclocked or Vanilla GTX 275?

Originally Posted by intarweb View Post
Thanks once again for the help, Bowen

Sure, glad to help!
I wonder if maybe the impact would be noticeable in things like min framerate in Crysis or some other graphically intense game. Hard to say, though. The SSC overclocks on the 260 are rather large so I can't just interpolate easily from the stock 260 vs 275 benchmarks I've seen >.<

That Trespasser game review is amusing
Yeah, now that you mention it, that's probably where those extra processors would show their worth. I even wonder if the upcoming GT300 will break 40 FPS in Crysis.

Well, while I don't know for sure, it looks like it will O/C well, but of course every card is different. The 8800 GTX I used to have would not overclock at all and I had another card (can't remember what it was) that O/Ced nearly 100 MHz over it's stock speed. I would think it would O/C well since this is a 2nd gen 55nm part, so it should be better optimized than the 260 or 285.
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