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Originally posted by Evan Lieb

No, the way it actually happened was that we left one thread open for discussion about the 5900 Ultra review, because a guy named Typedef something er rather started multiple threads on the exact same topic, and even in different forums, which is why one of his multiple threads was deleted (but his primary thread was of course left on the forums). He even posted about it in a completely unrelated thread, and the mods had to yet again remind him of the forum rules. The supposed “deleted thread” I keep hearing about is just a FuseTalk issue as far as I can see. When we used to have the “Articles” section of the forum, a thread would be started immediately when a review was posted. Several of my motherboard threads got archived and so were unable to be found by my own means. Apparently this happened to the original NV35 article thread that was started because of lack of use, which was the same reason my motherboard threads vanished after some time. Either way though, we kept a huge (300+ reply thread I think) on the NV35 review about the Q3A resolution and SC AA issues (the thread Typedef started as far as I can remember).

Are you this Typedef guy then? AFAIK no one else started any threads about this topic on the AT forums whose name was “muzz”.

Thanks, I’m doing nothing more than giving a heads up to people on what we’re trying to do, and what I believe other web sites can do.
I was there Evan, I KNOW that thread disappeared, as I went looking for it.
I DID start another thread asking what happened to the first thread, which got hardly any response, except for a couple guys in the thread in question.
I THINK petey pete and jjbirney ( who were in the thread in question) responded to me on the question of WHERE did that thread go.

I have nothing personal against you Evan, please do not take it that way. I DO have something against websites who do NOT come clean in a reasonably timely manner when something as obvious as the nose on my face is wrong, and the issue has been pointed out by MANY folks.

Yeah I was more then a bit perturbed by the lack of info forthcoming regarding said issues....... I don't like it when someone (or a company) gets screwed over by faulty journalism.....
Yeah I do hate that....... sorry.
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