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Default I hate to thread-squat...

Normally I don't jump into other peoples threads, but I am having the "same" problem.

I'm using RH9, and was able to install the drivers just fine on the default kernel (2.4.20-8), but when i updated my kernel (2.4.20-20.9) I couldn't use the drivers without compiling a custom one... "no prob" i think... i downloaded the kernel src rpm from redhat... and i THINK i install it (ill get back to that) but the nvidia installer says it cant find the kernel header file... so i did a locate, found it in /usr/include/linux/kernel.h... so i ran the installer with the:

--kernel-include-path /usr/include/

option, and it seemed to have found the file... however, it still puked, and the log says that it couldn't find "storage size of" rctimer, nvfops, and nv_vm_ops....


plus, rpm -qa doesn't list the kernel header rpm, and it seems more than happy to reinstall repeatedly (as far as i know, rpms bitch if you try and reinstall them) so logically, that is failing... somehow.... a -ivh looks like it completes successfully, however...

I suppose "how do i compile my own drivers" is a sort of FAQ... is there one somewhere to read?
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