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Default Re: Good new 3D Vision article

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Side note, the Viewsonic monitor has launched at $359.99 shipped:
Hi there!
Was wondering if you feel the same now about the 22 monitor size, are you really happy and dont for a sec think about say a 24 or 26 monitor?

I know I know we have allready been throu that hehe but as im having a 24 now I feel a little scared to go 22. I use to have a 20 ws mon before my G2400WD but anyway the size defference between a 22 and a 24 can be that drastic right ?

And what I have read ppl says that gaming on the Samsung in 3D does give you a feeling that it's much bigger than a regular 22, so heres hoping I would feel the same way. I cant stop reading and thinking about going 3D, it must be to good to be true
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