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Default Re: Need help with HDTV output

I think the problem may be that you are using the DVI connector (because the log file says DFP-1). AFAIK the TVOut... options don't affect what goes out through that connector.

You haven't specified any modes and EDID has been disabled so the Nvidia driver has to guess at the max resolution of the monitor. It made the most conservative guess possible.

I think there are probably two different solution. One would be to use the TV-Out connector instead of the DVI connector and leave your xorg.conf as is. The other option would be to keep using the DVI connector and either enable EDID (if that is possible) or if that is not possible, specify what resolutions your monitor is capable of in your xorg.conf. The Nvidia README will tell you how to do this.

You could also try using nvidia-xconfig to see if it can automatically create an xorg.conf for you. I always use the "-o some-file" option so it doesn't try to overwrite my xorg.conf. You can also try to temporarily move your xorg.conf file elsewhere before running nvidia-xconfig to see what it can figure out on its own.
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