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Default Re: 180.50 -> 180.51 differences

in addition to that it also seems to work fine in 99% of the cases


despite the problem still occuring it's somewhat usable now

perhaps the bug-report gives you guys a clue why the crashing of that apps is occuring

from what I saw it seems to happen with thunderbird and firefox (compiled) linked against cairo with glitz-support which is (still ?!) needed for compiz-fusion to work and is supposed to be fixed by re-compiling cairo without the glitz-support

besides that also multiget crashes which I've never seen crash before (due to the nvidia driver) and I don't know what role plays in that case

I was running an xfce4 (4.6) desktop with compiz(-fusion) and emerald

interestingly kde4-apps don't seem to crash anymore (opengl compositing is enabled for those so it's good news),

I didn't have the chance to test kde4 full-blown desktop with opengl compositing (which used to crash) since currently trunk has some compilation problems and therefore I can't get it to run (pykde4 / kdebindings)

if that helps others:

I changed the USE-flag from gnome to -gnome (system-wide) and re-compiled all packages affected / whole world -> and that seemed to make a change, too (could also be placebo and due to the big changes in the new nvidia driver)

anyways thanks !
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