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Cool Syberia 3 In Development!

But shunned by Sony

Syberia 3 takes Kate on an adventure which mixes suspense, myth, ecology and action. She crosses paths with a weird Vic McPherson who is investigating the murky business of international trafficking of ancient works of art and prehistoric ivory. On April 1st Microids announced Syberia 3 would be coming to PC and PS3, which turned out to be a semi April Fools joke. While the game is in development, SCEA has been giving Microids the cold should despite SCEE's approval of previous Syberia titles, leaving it up to Sony whether the newest installment will actually be on the PS3.

So today we launch an SOS to all fans of the Syberia series: let us rally to support the independent creation and convince Sony to change its rules. Send all your messages of support.

SYBERIA 3 on PS3, an April Fool’s? It’s up to SONY!”

Emmanuel Olivier

Syberia 3 will be entirely in real time 3D and is currently scheduled for release in June 2010.
I dunno if thats gonna be a good or bad thing ...

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