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Default Still characters artifacts... with 180.44

I have a GeForce 6200 turbo cache - Asus A6vc
I'm on kubuntu jaunty RC - Kwin composite (kde4.2.2)

With driver 180.44 I still have the problem you can see in the snapshot.
I'v tried to follow the adivices you suggest in the thread "If you have a performance problem, PLEASE read this first", but the problem has never solved.

I've tried driver
  • 180.50 - kdm is broken even though it was possible to log in, fans go crazy and same problem with letters
  • 180.51 - ok kdm but problems with fans and characters
  • 185.19 - still problem with fans (unusable) and character artifacts

indeed things went worst with 180.5* and 185.* than with 180.44

Do you think there will be a bug-fix somewhere soon??

Thank you very much!


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