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Originally posted by monkeydust
I want my original BIOS back. :(

I lost over 2000 3dmarks with this BIOS. I have been looking around the net to try to find my original BIOS and haven't had any luck. Does anybody know where I can find it?

EDIT: Well, after playing "musical BIOS's", I now have the nvidia V4. BIOS flashed and have my 3dMark2k1 scores pretty close to where they should be now. Someday I'll learn not to try to fix things that aren't broken (no I won't)... :)
So what was it you did wrong before? The BIOS on Gainward's site,, is what you flashed with originally to give the low 3DMark scores right? Is there a different version of the BIOS that you flashed with now to give you the same performance as you should have been getting? I just want to make sure the BIOS I flashed with from Gainward's site isn't corrupted in some way...

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