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Originally Posted by walterman View Post
You must install Visual Studio 2008 Pro. That is sure.

Then, since you are a beginner, i would start with some "Hello World" programs in C#.

You will learn all the Object-oriented programming concepts with C# easily, and this will help you to move to the more 'serious' C++ world.
I'd start with for-loops and if-statements, maybe combined with some prints to the console in C# (Console.WriteLine("Hello World"), and with some type checking, like "if (1 + 1 == 2) { //Do something here }". And some string operations. After that try to make a couple of functions and see what it does and how functions work. I wouldn't start making GUIs first, better do some code stuff first before adding GUI components. If you know the basic stuff it's easy to pick up on classes and other objects and making some other stuff. There are some pretty decent tutorials out there but don't forget to check for the date on them, better get some newer tutorials as some stuff has been changed over the years and improvements have been made. I'd also try to avoid some user posted content better go to some real tutorial websites with a decent reputation.
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