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Default Re: EVGA GeForce GTX 260 C216 Superclocked or Vanilla GTX 275?

As good as a massive 250mm is, you need at least one more at the back too. I think the most efficient cooling solutions are ones that have one or more fans in the front to pull air in, so it can blow over the components and then one in the back to then suck the heated air out the case. The only downside is that you get more dust, but that's not a biggie. I bought an air compressor and that's the best investment that I've bought for maintaning the computer's guts.

Another option you could do is watercooling. Personally, I'm scared to death to do try that in fear that I'll do something wrong or a hose will break and just poof....bye bye computer....that said I think some of them use non-conductive liquids now, so even if it did burst or leak, it would harm anything.

The cold winters there help with the cooling I'm sure. I wish we had winters, but we don't in SoCal.
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