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Question Powermizer claims Power Source is Battery even if AC is connected on 9600M GT

hi folks,

besides the well discussed powermizer issue being stuck at performace level 0 and 1, as well as the black screen bug after quitting X on some mobile 8800 and 9000 series GPUs, there is another issue on my laptop I'd like to point out: Powermizer always shows Battery as power source even if AC is connected and battery is removed. I've tried variuos Options in xorg.conf and NVreg_ parameters without effect.

powermizer is stuck @ performance level 0/1 and my screen turns black after quitting X but system is still responsive. I have a 9600M GT installed on my laptop and used every driver from the 180.x and 185.x series.

maybe nvidia can give us at least some feedback if these issue is considered by development at all.

Somehow I have the feeling that we won't see a solution anytime soon and that would be a shame

bug report attached.

best regards
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