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Default Re: 2000 to spend on a cinema setup

Originally Posted by XDanger View Post
Yeah that's them. They were replaced by the 1005.2's last year but there are still a couple of shops with the old ones in stock, as your link shows, for cheap cheap. The new ones are black and do look better, but the active sub isn't as good IMO (less x-over and phase options on the new one). They were over 500 when they came out and I would still have been happy if I'd payed that, but 200 is a steal! The satellites are superb quality, each weighing about 2kg and, although they don't look like it, they are 2-way (the silver dome in the middle is a tweater).

These are the Q's..

and this is the amp..

Although it has been replaced by a new model now.

BTW Richer Sounds is probably the best place to be looking for a bargain.
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