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Default Re: How 180.44 and 180.51 work with KDE 3.5

Originally Posted by amdfanatyk View Post
Yes it's not related to driver

Correct, it seems to be a dcop related problem.

Make sure everything in your ~ belongs to the correct user, especially .ICEauthority and .DCOPserver_*, try running kdeinit from a terminal and check your .xsession-errors.

If you don't find anything suspicious, please try the following:

- run kde as a different user (not root)
- try to run KDE, create a nvidia bug report after it failing
- upload this bug report, along with your .xsession-errors and ls -al ~

As well: did you use distribution packed drivers up to the version it does not work? If so, maybe installing manually left your system in a broken state, as an example with mixed versions of openGL libraries and X drivers. Try to run a simple wm not depending on OpenGL and run any OpenGL Application (e.g. glxgears)

Please do not post ridiculously large screenshots directly for users with low bandwith, and large fonts usually mark content which is not worth reading.

Oh, and by the way, I confirm 180.51 working with KDE 3.5, and as this is gentoo, everything is self compiled as well.


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