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Default Re: Crysis Screenshot Thread

Originally Posted by m3dude View Post
because i know what aa looks like when enabled in a videogame. also how would u have 16xq aa on a radeon? u know 16x1aa is only supported by nvidia card. what u have is the games built in r_useedgeaa=2. thats not compatible with real antialiasing.
Then why in the Catalyst Control Center I have the options of 2XAA, 4XAA, 8XAA, 8XQAA, 16XAA, 16XQAA, 24XAA....?
The graphics mod I made doesn't have e_useedgeaa 2 enable, because as you said, it is not compatible with real AA.

But believe me I do have 16XQAA on. I dont know why you cant believe me...
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