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Default Re: 2000 to spend on a cinema setup

Originally Posted by Toss3 View Post
I'd rather spend the money you have now on either a decent projector and screen setup or sound system - not both. The reason being that you're either going to end up with a crappy sounding system with great video or the other way around.

You could also go the regular TV route, but a 100 inch screen is just too gorgeous to pass up.

I'd just get a Sony VPL-HW10 coupled with a ~100inch screen(should go a bit over your budget but boy is that a good looking home theater setup!). Trust me - you're not going to regret it!
Tbh I dont actually have much money. 2000 is around my upper limit and will be for the forseeable time. Recession and whatnot.

Originally Posted by Revs View Post
My advice would be to read some reviews; get What HiFi and What TV. Once you've seen what you can get for the money you're looking spend, go out and have a look/listen to the stuff you've been checking out in the mags.

It just happens that I've spent about 2000 over the last few months on my home cinema stuff. TV is a 46" LCD Samsung (1000), Amp/Receiver is a Denon AVR-1508 (200) and the speakers are the 5.1 KEF-1005 kit (300). I've recently added a pair of Q-Acoustics 1050i speakers too (350) for music. The KEF's sound awesome but are a little lacking in the woofer range for music on their own. Now I've got it setup as I like it, it sounds fooking amazing. The Denon amps are great value, I would never have thought a 200 amp could have so much kick with really crisp quality.

The point is, you should be able to get some really nice kit for 2k. Just take your time and don't buy anything without seeing/hearing it in action.

As for a projector, IMO you'd have to spent all the 2k and maybe more to get a satisfactory image. And then there's the problem of bulbs. 250-500 for a bulb every 6-18 (depending whether or not you smoke) months or so is enough to put me off.

How big is the room your setup is going in? This will be a major factor in choosing speakers. Anyone who knows there sh!t in a hifi store will ask you this.
Thanks. Ive got a month or so to get some reviews down. Considering my current cinema setup is a Z-5500 and a 24" monitor, I think it wont take much to beat it.

Also, is there any way to semi cheaply sound insulate a room?
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