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Originally Posted by MaxFX View Post
Hi there!
Was wondering if you feel the same now about the 22 monitor size, are you really happy and dont for a sec think about say a 24 or 26 monitor?

I know I know we have allready been throu that hehe but as im having a 24 now I feel a little scared to go 22. I use to have a 20 ws mon before my G2400WD but anyway the size defference between a 22 and a 24 can be that drastic right ?

And what I have read ppl says that gaming on the Samsung in 3D does give you a feeling that it's much bigger than a regular 22, so heres hoping I would feel the same way. I cant stop reading and thinking about going 3D, it must be to good to be true

The monitor on the left is a 30", 25X16, 92% color gamut Dell 3007 WFP-HC, widely considered one of the best gaming monitors on the planet. On 4/24/09, it will be 4 months since I've used it, and all I'd have to do is plug it in. (I also have a 24" 19X12 NEC monitor I no longer game on)

3d Vision does indeed feel bigger than 22", it's because you look "into" the monitor, rather than "at" the monitor.

For me, the added immersion this provides is something I won't game without now that I've done it. I'd say the user experience is somewhat like the difference in driving in Nascar, and playing a Nascar game on your 360.

Obviously it's not "that" realistic, but it is totally different than anything else.
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