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Default Re: Need help with HDTV output

I think you misundstood me. Probably my fault.

My graphics card does not have a TV out. I have a Plasma TV connected to the HDMI output.

My Plasma Screen knows two states for it's digital Input: PC and STM (whis means TV resolutions). Through EDID it only reports the PC mode resolutions. So, when i set it to PC Mode, i can use it with the NVidia Card. The NVidia setting do not allow me to set it to 1080i (1920x1080 interlace at 50 Hz), because the screen does not report this mode as a valid mode. So there is no way to use the creen with the nvidia card when the Screen is in TV mode.

That's why i tried to disable EDID and describe the Screen with the TV standards. Unfortunately the nvidia driver didn't understand my intention very well. In the meantime, i found a way to get it at least set to 1080i, but i had not time yet to test it with my Plasma Screen, to make sure the mode fits it's needs.

Anyways thanks for your answers.
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