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Default Re: I hate my broadband company

Originally Posted by Pete Abel View Post
I'm with Suddenlink. I hope there's a way we can keep you as a customer. Let me know, via email, please (pete-DOT-abel-AT-suddenlink-DOT-com) since I don't regularly check this forum. Thanks.
Here's the email that I sent him, since some of you might find this entertaining. I've edited out some duplicate info (such as, who this is, and a link to this post).

At this point, there is absolutely nothing that you can do to retain me as a customer. However, in the off chance that you actually care to improve your company, I will detail just what your company has done to irk me thus far. Screwing up once in awhile can happen even to the best of us, but it seems that these kinds of screwups are a part of Suddenlink Culture.

-I initially signed up for Suddenlink high-speed internet, as well as HDTV with HD-DVR. I was given a used DVR that hadn't even been reset yet. I had to use Google to find out how to reset this model, since Suddenlink customer support wanted to charge me extra for it. Had I not reset it, it was going to continue trying to DVR to the previous owner's schedule.

-When I signed up, I specifically asked if the company offered Comedy Central and NFL Network, both in HD. Now, had the customer service rep been honest with me (Comedy Central isn't available in HD on any carrier, and NFL Network won't even negociate with Suddenlink), I would have understood. However, your rep lied t me and said that you offer both channels, in HD. When I got my HDTV hooked up and realized that I had been scammed, I called customer support and was told "oh well."

-Recently, I dropped your television service entirely, and then reduced my internet speed to your lowest package. I was debating a move to DirectTV and DSL internet. You guys gave me all the push that I needed with these next two mistakes. First, you guys sent me a bill for over $500 after I made the switch. When I called to find out what happened, it turns out that the guy who was sent to pick up my DVR called in sick, and rather than reschedule, your company just assumed that I would be glad to pay for the DVR! So here I was with an over $500 bill, which took even more of a hassle to clear up.

-Next, after I returned the DVR, you guys took my internet package (2mb down for $24.99/mo) and changed it to 1mb down for $33.99/mo, without ANY warning!

So no, Mr. Abel, I have no desire to stay with your company. Everytime that I've thrown money towads your company, you guys have scaled back my service while demanding more money. Personally, I'd love to see Suddenlink go belly up in areas where satelite and DSL are readily available.
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