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Default Re: Buying only a cd-key for CoD4?

Originally Posted by Uberpwnage View Post
Back in December, I was banned from CoD4 punkbuster servers because I tried playing on an early build of Windows 7. I tried contacting both Activision and Punkbuster to resolve my issue, but they wouldn't do anything and accused me of hacking or of being hacked. I really loved CoD4, and have been hoping it will drop in price more out of spite than anything, I just don't feel like paying full price for a game I feel cheated out of.

Anyway, it's finally getting to me, so I was wondering if any of these sites that allow you to purchase only CD-keys are actually legitimate. I don't trust forums on their own sites, I was wondering if anyone here has personal experience with these sites, specifically one that sells CoD4 keys?
They banned you for using Windows 7?

For some reason I think there was something else involved in why you were banned. Others would have had the same issues and I am sure they would have realized this and unbanned you...

Anyways, just buy it off Steam. That will give you a new CD key too.

Also, this whole post is really sketchy.
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