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Default Re: Linux VDPAU Support on Older GeForces

Originally Posted by animaster View Post
I am excited when I heard that Nvidia introduced PureVideoHD (VDPAU in Linux) technology to improve HD video playback using hardware-accelerated support. But the manual said that it only supports GeForce 8x series.

Yes, I have read the README file included in latest Linux driver, especially regarding VDPAU supported products. I just want to ask whether there are any plan to support VDPAU on older GeForces? I am using Ubuntu 8.10 with GeForce Go 7400 on my laptop, which I bought about a year ago and I feel that it is still doing great on everything except playing HD (1080p) video.
7xxx video cards can do hardware decoding of mpeg2 using XvMC

You will never get VDPAU support on those cards
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