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Default 8200 (IGP) based motherboards not suitable for VDPAU?


I have the following setup:

- Asus M3N78-VM
- Athlon X2 5050e
- 2x1 GB DDR2-800 RAM

I tested several possibilities, including Ubuntu 8.10 and 9.04RC.
I tried drivers from 180.44 to 185.19. Both packaged with Ubuntu as well as compiled it myself.

I tried both current XBMC SVN and latest mplayer-vdpau but I am not able to play 720p/1080p properly. As reference I try to play Big Buck Bunny movie ( in h264/1080p.

I usually get around 12-15 fps. CPU usage is very low (<10%).

Before I will create log information etc. I would like to know if this combination of HW/SW is known to work correctly regarding VDPAU or if I can giveup this setup.

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