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Default Re: How 180.44 and 180.51 work with KDE 3.5

Well, if you don't want help (I don't see any information I requested) you won't get help.
The fact that other people confirm that kde 3.5 is working with those drivers probably means that your problem is specific to your system/configuration. So not giving any details about it but just blaming nvidia (while it might be a pebcak or distribution problem as well) for the "good work" is not the best way to go.

And posting again in ridiculously large fonts won't help you either, my guess is that the thread will be removed instead of moved the next time.

You know what the good thing about community support is? It's not your problem whether the others problem gets solved or not.
So yeah, either you behave and let us help you, or you are stuck with your problem. Your system which doesn't work, not ours.

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