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Default Re: Buying only a cd-key for CoD4?

G2play are AFAIK legit though I have only bought one thing from them. They are nothing more than a Game exporter/importer just like play-asia or gogamer. It's no different than if you yourself went to the country selling the games for 60% of the US MSRP and bringing it home and installing it on your PC. Since all the games they are selling are available via Digital Download and the services used do not require the physical media to install they can get around ever having to ship the original discs to the buyer. There is nothing illegal about what they do, though it might be against the distribution agreement on exporting the release to other regions, but that is most likely taken care of by going through a middle man. ie Publisher sells to middle man says no exporting middle man sells to g2play and doesn't have any export clauses in their contract so it's OK.

Bottom line you want to buy from them go for it but don't be surprised if one day the various digital download services no longer accept keys from outside your region. The game devs are still getting paid, just less because their royalties would be based off the cheap region official releases. And also note that if they start changing patches like censored versions for those regions you will get that not necessarily the US release version. Steam originally tried to stop the practice and made those other region releases unplayable if your IP wasn't in the region but there was enough of a backlash that they reenabled the games.

Activision and other publishers should hate g2play only because if that game in that region is distributed by another company they get no royalties from the sale unless the publisher helped fund the game development. Game devs will still get a royalty from the sale, but a lower one based from the region so I would guess they would discourage this practice g2play does also.

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