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Default Panasonic to bring 3D Movie entertainment to Home Theater

Looks like the next big thing in Home Theater will be 3D movies and Panasonic is leading us down that path;

Panasonic to Start Development of New Professional 3D Production System

With Hollywood studios moving towards creation of more 3D entertainment content, Panasonic successfully debuted the world's first 3D Full HD Plasma Home Theater System based on Plasma display and Blu-ray Disc technologies at the CEATEC trade show in Japan in September 2008. More recently, the company also established the Advanced Authoring Center within Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory in February 2009 to support Hollywood studios in developing 3D Full HD Blu-ray Disc titles.
"Panasonic is continuing its efforts to enable consumers to enjoy 3D movies in the comfort of their own living rooms with its 3D Full HD Plasma Home Theater System, which incorporates a Plasma HDTV and a Blu-ray Disc player," said Dr. Paul Liao, Chief Technology Officer of Panasonic Corporation of North America. "The professional 3D Full HD image production system we are going to develop will improve the 3D production environment and accelerate creation of 3D titles."
So you might want to hold off on purchasing a new Blu Ray player or HDTV until 3D compliant versions come out.
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