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Default Re: 2000 to spend on a cinema setup

Originally Posted by Revs View Post
It don't look too hot but it works

Just have as much fabric and carpet in your room as you can without it looking like a hippy den
Oh, sorry , I thought you were making a pun on chickens and "cheaply (cheep). My bad.

Originally Posted by XDanger View Post
And some really deep flock wallpaper...

The downside of eggboxes (aswell as the aesthetics) is they'll turn your room into a furnace given the chance.

Having all your speakers on the ceiling pointing downwards means the sound doesnt migrate, Or so Ive heard.
But that would be Sh*t.
Do you mean its a serious fire risk? That and the asthetics would put me off. If it made the room warmer I would not complain .

I seem to remember reading once that you could get these shapely shapes you could put on the wall. Must be mistaken .

Also, there is a curious oddity to my room. If I step outside the room, I can actually feel bass, where as in the room there is no discernable bass.
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