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Default Re: How 180.44 and 180.51 work with KDE 3.5

Originally Posted by amdfanatyk View Post
Yes I'm happy to have free choice!

I don't care what software is in current distributions and I don't know if libsafe was ever in any distribution.
Well, I would not use it, then. Because it

- interacts on a really low level
- seems not to be that configurable to me
- is simply not up to date. The last update is older than 5 years.
- Is deprecated on modern CPUs anyway

The point is that if software is well-made it works on all systems.
Definitely not, and especially not in Linux, and even more not for drivers. This is the price you have to pay for the flexibility. As a driver developer, you have different kernel configurations (with no stable API at all) and completely different userland software and driver handling mechanisms by different distributions. You can try to write a driver for a thing as complex as a GPU, which works on all environments (x86, amd64, all distributions out there, kernel 2.4 up to 2.6.*.git), I tell you that you won't succeed.

Regarding the problem with Libsafe:

I saw that you opened a thread with a more suited title, which is a good thing. However, I recommed you ask for moving it to the correct forum, and write a mail at the nvidia linux bugs mail address as well, including a nvidia bug report as described in the sticky.

Kind regards

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