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Default Re: Fallout: New Vegas Announced

I loved Fallout 3. I couldn't get enough until I corrupted my Evil level 20+ save game and shelved it. I'm waiting for a few more DLCs to come then will start again.

Excited for this new game. More devs should do it IMHO. Roll out new games with current engines and focus on the game play and story. Sure it pisses us PC'ers off as we don't get new graphics, but with more and more extras being added at the driver level (better FSAA, Ambient Occlusions) it's not so bad.

I guess that's where Crytek made sense with their crazy ahead of time CryEngine... So bad they didn't have resources to put out more than just Warhead on the current Engine.

I agree with Velvet. Fallout 3 is much much more fun than Oblivion.
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